“Ankara University Research Center of Turkish Geography (TUCAUM)” was established in 1988 and it has been operating since 1990.  It is a well-known, interdisciplinary and long-established center that carries out fundamental research on geography of Turkey, promotes collaborative research and offers scientifically-informed advice on the geography of Turkey.

  • TUCAUM sustains scientific activities to introduce geography of Turkey.
  • TUCAUM sets up an archive and documentation unit based on libraries, films, photos and similar documents which may be a reference source by gathering domestic and international publications about geography of Turkey.
  • TUCAUM organizes meeting such as seminars, conferences, etc. related to geography of Turkey and the Turkish World and conducts scientific tours.
  • TUCAUM cooperates with domestic and abroad universities, institutes, centers and other related institutions.
  • TUCAUM supports the projects of scientists who want to conduct research on geography of Turkey.